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National Paint Correction and Protection

Automotive paint correction and protection done the right way, with the best products
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Over 25 years experience in Paint protection and correction
Over 25+ Years Experience

We have been in the industry for over 25+ years and we are experts when it comes to paint correction and protection

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Prompt, professional and reliable

Our Aim is to ensure our customers get the best experience and have a smile on their face when they pick up there vehicle

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Whether you are at the office, or out of town, we consider all locations and vehicles with a prompt response

What is paint correction and protection?

Paint correction and protection involves the process of restoring and rejuvenating the paintwork of your vehicle. This allows you to bring your vehicles paintwork back to life like it is brand new again.

Using detailing technigues and machine polishing we are able to remove unwanted scratches and paint defects. This is done by eliminating surface imperfections impacting your paint work. This is designed for used vehicles that are heavily swirled and scratched from the likes of poor wash techniques and automated car washes.

Your vehicle will under go a safe wash process, including the following:

  • Paintwork and wheels fully decontaminated
  • Paintwork clay barred
  • Multiple stages of machine polishing
  • Paint depth measured for best application

This increases the gloss levels and clarity of your paint work bringing your vehicle back to life again.

Car paint correction and protection


Orange Peel paint correction
Orange peel correction

Chemical fall out paint correction
Chemical fall out

overspray removal
Overspray removal

swirls and minor scratch removal
Swirls and minor scratch removal

ceramic coating paint protection
Ceramic Coating

Carnuba Wax paint protection
Carnuba wax